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  • The customer I’m creating a wp site for, wants a customized email (upon registration). I tried to warn him about the risk of having html emails containing access data blocked by filters or thrown in the spam folder, but couldn’t make him change his mind. I then tried to check among plugins if I could find something to edit and style the email and seems that ‘WP Better Email’ can do the job at least for what is concerning the use of a template with proper style. Now the problem is: how do I display user_firstname, username and user_password as 3 different data I can place into the template? In other words… it will have to be something like
    Welcome – (user_firstname)
    Please login at (blog_site)
    with id: (username)
    and pass: (user_password)

    so that I can apply classes and style these?
    I assume I will have to edit some include file where the email content is set but I do not know which one.

    thx for any suggestion

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  • As I indicated in another thread this is similar to functionality I am looking for.
    I am using Buddypress too which may complicate things but, it would be nice to know where the basic content can be altered.
    In my case it would not even be necessary to include HTML content in the email – just nice to be able to change even the plain text and progress from there.



    I think you can write USERNAME where the username should go, PASSWORD for the password, LOGINLINK to link to the login page and SITE_NAME to refer to the site, I don’t know about first name, maybe try FIRSTNAME or FIRST_NAME.



    Just installed WP Better Emails,, might be a good help and it comes with this info:

    Some dynamic tags can be included in your email template :

    %content% : will be replaced with the message content.
    NOTE: The content tag is required, WP Better Emails will be automatically desactivated if no content tag is found.
    %blog_url% : will be replaced with your blog URL.
    %home_url% : will be replaced with your home URL.
    %blog_name% : will be replaced with your blog name.
    %blog_description% : will be replaced with your blog description.
    %admin_email% : will be replaced with admin email.
    %date% : will be replaced with current date, as formatted in general options.
    %time% : will be replaced with current time, as formatted in general options.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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