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  1. pulla
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I am studying "action and filter" and confused.

    I have a theme and I need to add "phone number1, phone number2" on register form page. I have been trying to file apply filter or add action on the register form page. but I can't really find them.

    then do I need to modify the php file as child theme? I mean do I need to create a register form page and add apply filter or add action? if I want to add some more input fields, do I need to add each of filters or actions?

    let's say the original form is like this.

    input type='text' name='usersname'
    input type='text' name='email'
    input type='password' name='password1'
    input type='password' name='password2'

    now, I need to add 3 more fileds which are "address" between username and email and "phone number1, phone number2" between email and password1 then do I need to add filters on each exact lines

    input type='text' name='usersname'
    apply_filter('custome_address'); <===== added filter
    input type='text' name='email'
    apply_filter('custome_phone1'); <===== added filter
    apply_filter('custome_phone2'); <===== added filter
    input type='password' name='password1'
    input type='password' name='password2'

    Am I doing right? or something wrong? It could be a too easy question but I just want to make sure.

    1 more short question, after this form, how can I handler register processing page? it should be added for saving database.

    Thanks for your time.

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