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    I’m starting a newsy site. I’m doing this on my off-time from my day job… posting around 40 articles per day.

    “Press This” sounds good to start… but the output format is ugly… and if I have to spend a few minutes formatting each post, there goes my entire time budget for everything else.

    What I would like for the final format is something pretty close to a link shared on Facebook…

    This is the Headline of the Article

    This is the summary of the article. I hope this is possible.

    It seems like customizing PressThis or AddThis are probably the best paths. But I don’t know where to start.

    In digging through the plugin repository, it seems like there’s a package of helpers for PressThis that may point me in the right direction… OExchange, /.well-known, and host-meta. If I understand correctly, these helpers give PressThis better access to the “correct” details I’m trying to pull. But when I install them, PressThis works the same as it ever was (even when I re-install the bookmarklet, etc.).

    I’m guessing there is some tweaking need of either PressThis, or the helper plugins, or both, to trigger the functionality of the helpers.

    Then… how would I go about formatting the result dumped to PressThis in a sharper-looking way?

    I’m not a professional programmer, so I don’t know where to start. I’m guessing a very similar thing to what I’m trying to do has already been done a time (or ten). I’m hoping to run into somebody (here?) who knows what I’m talking about.

    Something that also looked promising (theory-wise) was share examples… but their demos don’t work. Three of them, and not a single one works. But since it seems Google is behind webintents, I’m guessing they have it working somewhere.

    And I think “AddThis” also uses OExchange (the standard, not the WordPress plugin). I’d be okay with that, too, if I could shortcut through the manual steps.

    I’m looking for something simple. Could anybody out there point a newbie in the right direction? I’d greatly appreciate it. And my future great website would also.


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