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  • Hi there! I am working on a site for a client, who I will refer to as The Client for the sake of anonymity. The problem we’re having is rather bizarre, but I will attempt to explain it as best I can. Here are a few points that I need you to know and keep in mind:

    1) I’ve installed WordPress in the root directory of The Client’s website. I’ll just call it “”. And, as you know, links within the site will reference the root of the site. I imagine the code gets generated like: href="/../sub-folder/index.php" just as a simple example.

    2) The Client has their own email address, which are hosted on a server in Oregon. That server in Oregon is labeled “”, the same as the website I’m creating for them, so that their email addresses look like “”.

    The problem that’s occurring is that when someone from The Client’s company tries to visit they get an error, “the website doesn’t exist.” But when I try to view the website on my computer at home it pulls up perfectly fine*. One of the server managers in Oregon tells me it’s because the links of the site refer to the root directory. So, in other words, since their work computers are linked to the server space called “” in Oregon, whenever they try and visit the website it defaults back to their server where there literally is no website to load.

    Personally, I don’t feel it is an issue with the links referencing the root directory, but rather an issue with the server itself. However, if the issue is what the guys in Oregon claim it is, then I need to know how to change all generated links from href="/../subfolder/index.php" format to href="" type of format.

    This is something I’ve never come across before, since I’m somewhat new to creating websites. Any thoughts, advice, and input is would be incredibly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

    * I’ve brought my computer to their company and tried visiting the site on their internet connection; I got the same error they get.

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