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  • Is it possible to customize the form fields for the finance application form? If so, which files, should I attempt to do this with? I’m going to make a backup copy of the original files, just in case it doesn’t work.

    I would also like to change cars for sale to trucks for sale in the permalink. I will need to separate it even more for new and used trucks. Also, can these trucks be placed in categories in regard to make or manufacturer?

    Thanks in advance for any ideas, feedback and suggestions. I really appreciate it.

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  • I am not the developer but I have been shoulder deep in the plugin over the last few days editing core files. What exactly are you trying to change?

    Are you just wanting to change Labels? Or actual Fields?

    As far as separating the plugin comes with certain taxonomy built in. So to display only used vehicles:
    Or to display only new vehicles:

    For manufacturer us the same system: (or whatever you input)

    Instead of worrying about “cars for sale” vs “trucks for sale” you can just create menus to taxonomies.

    Hope that wasn’t too confusing. Good Luck!

    Thanks ICThawk for your reply. I appreciate the suggestion for the category question.

    As for the form fields, I need to change both labels and fields and add some custom fields. Some of the fields that come with the car demon are not applicable to the types of customer who would be applying for credit or financing – mostly commercial customers, as this is a commercial truck sales site I would like to use the plugin on.

    Any suggestions on this particular situation are definitely appreciated.

    There are two sides to the label issue. There are the labels your client sees when they are inputting their inventory and there are the labels the customers see when they view the website.

    You can modify the theme templates to make the information display on the page with whatever label you want for the customer. You can also hide any information you don’t want displayed due to it being inapplicable.

    If you want to change the labels and fields for the client on the admin side you’ll need to modify the core files of the plugin. To give you a direction give me more info on which ones you are wanting to modify. There are custom fields and then their is the Meta Box (features, etc).

    Sorry so late in responding. Okay, for instance with the finance form:
    Just a sampling here….
    Legal Name:_____________________________________
    D/B/A: _______________________________________________
    Address: _____________________________________________
    City: _____________________ State: _______ ZIP: ________
    Telephone #: _______________________________________
    Fax #: _______________________________________
    Email Address: _______________________________________
    Sign up for E Statement? YES NO

    There is also SHIP TO Form Fields as well as GENERAL INFORMATION where TAXID/EIN as well as a selection for Business Structure and other fields need to be created.

    Hope this gives you and idea of what I want to do.

    Like I’ve said I am not the developer so my perspective might be a little different.

    Car Demo is great for its inventory system. Personally I don’t use it for anything else. Especially something as simple as a form.

    You might look into ContactForm7 plugin. You can create whatever fields you need and have them emailed wherever you want. If you want the form displayed next to each vehicle insert it in the sidebar. You can have it auto populate certain fields as well.

    You know, that is a good idea. I still think because some sensitive information will be entered, that the site will either need a SSL certificate or maybe use a third party secured form builder that is securely hosted on the third party site, like What do you think?

    I’m sure that will be easier than trying to change the core files.

    I have wamp installed on my pc along with wordpress in order to play with it and the plugins. I’m going to post on another topic within this forum about layout issues I’m having.

    I really appreciate your feedback.

    Most web hosts can help you out with purchasing and installing an SSL. Personally I am not a fan of iframing in forms from other services. Especially if you are wanting a secure form host I imagine it will be a pay service. Might as well just spend the $50/year and have SSL installed on the site.

    I have built multiple dealership sites now and use Contact Form 7 on all of them for applications with an SSL installed.

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