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    Top 10 works great for me, but I’d love to be able to include the category for the post in the display (each of my posts has only one category). I’m sure the code could be hacked to do it, but I’d rather not have to patch it after each update.

    I can imagine folks wanting other metadata about the post (author, post date) as well. Can the plug-in be made to allow actual formatting for content, not just style?

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  • Plugin Author Ajay



    Choice of actual formatting is the ultimate plan that I have for the plugin. However, I don’t have a specific timeline on this one.

    Although, it does work in your case, for most users it’s a bit difficult to pick the correct category / primary category because that is something that WordPress doesn’t have. Alternatively, you can pick just the first category and append it to the list?

    The author and the post date are already included in the current release of the plugin.

    Ah – spotted the checkmark for the post date. Don’t see where I can add the author, but it’s not a priority for me anyway.

    I do realize that the lack of a “primary” category in WP makes this a bit dicier for some folks; for me, it’s not an issue, though I realize the world doesn’t revolve around my needs.

    I’m not quite sure what you mean about “pick the first category and append it to the list.”

    Plugin Author Ajay


    I confused my plugins. I’ll be adding post author in the next version of Top 10.

    Regarding pick the first category, if I use get_the_category, WordPress automatically gives me all the categories of a particular post.

    This is what I use to run the “exclude category” code. In this case I can use the first category in the array that WordPress returns to display it to the author’s post list.

    In your case this wouldn’t be a problem but generically, it would.

    That makes sense. I suspect the number of folks who’d want to list the Category in the Top 10 widget would be fairly small, anyway. If it’s not a big deal, it might be worth including the field as an option, with the appropriate caveats about what would come out.

    (Alternately, and perhaps slightly better, simply convert the category array into a semi-colon-delimited string or something, and however many categories are chosen, that’s what gets displayed. That might lead to some odd listings, but that’s the risk folks take if they choose to use that field, and it would satisfy my needs, too.)

    At any rate, thanks for the feedback. If this comes to pass, I’ll cheer; if not, I’ve lived without it for some time now. 🙂

    Plugin Author Ajay


    Thanks Dave. I’ll put this on my list of things to do.
    Can always give users an option to choose what they want or don’t want.

    I have issue regarding.
    when I have updated category content(Insert New story in category). I want show that category on top in my category listing….
    I am getting my category below code:

    $AllvideoCategories = get_terms( ‘xxxx-videos-category’);

    sorry for my english….


    Plugin Author Ajay


    Uday, has this anything to do with this plugin?

    Dear ajay,

    no I am not using this plugin….

    Plugin Author Ajay


    Uday, this isn’t the right forum then to get your question answered. Please check either How To forum or the Plugins forum depending on what exactly this pertains to.


    okay sorry…
    thanks for reply,…

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