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  • I’m using 1.2 nightly build from 4/23/04. If I look at the function for listing categories (list_cats();) I see there are a bunch more options. Is there any way to exclude a category from the list?
    My knitting blog uses multiple categories but I’d like to have one for my finished projects. I don’t want it to be in the list of categories in my sidebar. I want to link to it directly from my main menu. This category page will also have it’s own template to display the content slightly different from the regular entries.
    How do I list my categories excluding just one? Also, how would I tell that template to only display entries from that one category?

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  • Looks like exclude cats has been added to the function.
    Since we are on the subject, I have noticed that $list = true appears to be, in fact, false. I also still get all (0)’s for $optioncount. Though I don’t use it, I tried to set $file and that also did not appear to work. On a positive note, feed and feed image appear to work just fine.
    So that you can check my settings, this is what I have:
    list_cats(1, ‘All’, ‘name’, ‘asc’,”,”,”,1,0,”,”,”,”,”,”,’/wordpress/images/rss_small.gif’)

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