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Customize Admin Emails

  • Hi,

    I love the Limit Login Attempts plugin. I use it in a multisite environment setup of WP and would love to see a network setup for the plugin, so that a single configuration for all sites could be done at once.

    However there is one thing I would love to have earlier, I would love to have the email that an admin receives could be customized. As using the plugin in an multisite the email itself does not show from which site the email was send and the subject contains the title of the main (root) site although I would expect to see the title of the site where the email was send out from.

    So I would love to have the URL and the title of the blog (sub site) be part of the email body and the subject should show up the title of the site itself instead of the root site title…

    Is this something that can be fixed or achieved easily?



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  • +1 for customizing the email notification to show the subsites’ title or URL or whatever to identify the source. I really need this option. Thank you!

    Also +1 for the global settings option. 🙂

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