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    Hi – I see allot of information on this plugin but I am not familiar with the css custom code. Are there instructions as to what each line of code is for us beginners?

    I’m specifically looking to change the color of, remove the word ‘Howdy’ and ‘edit profile’ link from the WP Admin bar that users see.

    Thanks in advance

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  • It would be nice if someone posted a quick tutorial for us who are not familiar with CSS. For the average wordpress user, the settings of this plugin is just impossible. I want to add custom links just like I see on the screenshots tab of this plugin.

    Strange this guy wants donations and yet doesn’t help anyone when they ask a question! Frankly, if people trying to use this plugin understood CSS styles then they could go to the relevant file in wp-admin and do it themselves. This is not a user friendly plugin!

    Why not answer this question fella!

    yes–I definitely need some guidance on the CSS too. Otherwise it’s of no help to me

    Agreed, without css guidance no help at all

    Plugin Author Wes Todd


    Hey Guys,

    This is Wes, the developer of this plugin. I am very sorry you are having trouble. I am sorry this has not been responded to, but I have honestly not logged into for almost a year. I do not fully keep up on the tickets posted to this forum.

    In regards to your question, CSS is a relatively simple subject in it’s most basic form. Also, in regards to styling a website, it is the minimum level of knowledge to be able to do any modifications. So, when I built this plugin, I added this feature as an extra for advanced users.

    If you are interested in learning more about CSS I reccomend Especially his early tutorial videos. Beyond this site there are literally thousands of tutorials out there, just google for “basic css tutorial” or something like that.

    As for “asking for donations”, I am not asking for anything. I published this work free of charge. If people find it useful then I wanted to offer them the ability to give back. If not, then no big deal, use it for free. As an avid contributor to Open Source Software I can say that I have given almost as much work away for free as I have gotten paid for, and this is common for most of the people who publish wordpress plugins. So please be considerate of our work that we are offering here for free to help you.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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