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    First, like I said in my review…thanks for this plugin. I will be sure to donate in the next day or two. This is a much needed plugin. I use the Types/Views Toolset and the parametric search setup is most difficult. This plugin radically simplified the setup of a parametric search and plays well with Types/Views Toolset.

    I sent Amir, the developer for Types/Views Toolset an email yesterday and told him to check out your plugin. Perhaps u guys can work out a deal to make some $$ and include the plugin with the Types/Views Toolset.

    Here are my questions regarding customization. I’m just going live on my site, I’ve loaded 130 records for testing.

    1. When I do a search for “Furniture-Am 20th Century Mod-Palm Springs”, in the results I am getting a web page link “”. Just one…here is the search result link:

    Why am I getting this one hyperlink for This seems odd..and how do I stop this from happening?

    2. I notice that some records show a photo image…Why only some records and not all records..or none of the records?

    3. As you can see, I have a lot of taxonomies..There are still more, and I am going to create a search form for each of my custom post types.
    I tried to insert the code into an information toggle, and to style the pages where I insert the search form. The form seems to override anything that I do with the page.

    For example, I placed an image rotator at the top of the page (shortcode), then inserted a break and then inserted the search form shortcode. The form dominates and pushes the rotator to a position after the search form. Also, it dominates the toggle and even though it is inserted within the toggle, pushes the toggle, which then shows up as blank, to a position after the search form.

    What I would like to do is to have an image rotator at the top of the search page for advertising purposes, and then insert four of the search forms into individual toggles so that users can select the post type they want to search. It would look like this:

    Toggle-Search Form 1
    Toggle-Search Form 2
    Toggle-Search Form 3
    Toggle-Search Form 4
    Featured Advertising Block

    4. Regarding styling of the forms. I’ve made a couple of changes. However, I would like to be able to create Sub titles within the form:

    For Example:

    Above Taxonomies: “Select Collectible Category”

    Above the Custom Meta Fields: “Optional Select Location”

    5. One last thought…if you were to coordinate with types/views toolset, it would be awesome if the search results could display within a Views Template format.


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  • Plugin Author TC.K


    Hi, I hope this might help:
    1. I didn’t see the problem you mentioned. When I search by ‘Am 20th Cent Mod ‘ in the Furniture taxonomy, I got all the result with the hyperlink.

    2.I am afraid this have something to do with your search result template. You should consult with type/view plugin developer for this problem. My plugin use the default theme’s search.php to display the result.

    3.can you tell me what image rotator you using?I never test it with image rotator before, it could be the html markup or javascipt problem.

    4.I think it is already in the setting page. The ‘label’ is use to display the title of the taxonomy.

    5. I never tried view/type plugin, however, as long as they are using proper taxonomy and meta field api, then my plugin is likely can be work with it.

    Hope this help.

    Plugin Author TC.K


    Update answer for your 3rd question:
    I updated the plugin (1.0.5), it was to fix the shortcode output markup problem. So you can try it and see if it’s working in your rotation effect.

    Hi…yes, that works great<G> Here’s a link with the resulting image slider above the form:


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