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    I need to find a plugin which will allow me to display customized images and information including a ranking system about the movies, tv shows, and video games my site covers.

    I’m starting a site which will provide reviews, commentary, and news on Video Games, Movies, and TV shows. I want to organize all of the individual title’s we’ll cover on different subsites using multisite. But what I want to use to help orient the visitor is a plugin/widget on the top of the sidebar which will contain cover/poster/promotional art, and relative data like release and original air dates as well as show my staff’s ranking of the title and allow the visitor to provide their own rank.

    For example, when a visitor pulls up my site and searches for a review of Game of Thrones they’ll be presented with a main page for the show. In the content area will be links for our reviews of episodes, an episode guide, promotional pictures from the show, and any videos clips we have on the site. At the top of the sidebar will be the main promotional art for the show, the original release date for season 1, the channel it’s on, a display of our staff’s rank from 1-10, and a place for the visitor to click, register for our site, and then rank the show themselves. Whenever the visitor clicks on something in the content section, say the episode guide, they’ll still see the same stuff at the top of the sidebar. But if they search for a different show, say Dr. Who, then the art and information displayed there will be customized for that tile.

    The same would be true for any video game or movie.

    Here’s a link to a site which does a similar thing to what I’m talking about:

    So far, I haven’t found any plugins which would make this possible.

    If anyone knows of any plugin I can use that will allow me to achieve this effect PLEASE suggest it to me.

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