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    I am testing several team page plugins, some more robust than others. This review is about WPS Team, by WPSpeedo. I was using the free version 2.2.2. I liked the way I could enter values for fields like Designation, and I went ahead and added a “locality” custom field for the member’s state. But it didn’t show on the Team page or member’s page. On the plugin forum page I asked how to do this, and the company replied within a day with some really useful information that works. They said : 1) Upgrade the plugin to 2.3.0, and 2) Make a child plugin folder in my theme folder, in order to override the plugin theme with my customization. Also, the settings pop-out dashboard from Team->Shortcode->Edit->Settings->Elements Visibility has lots of display on/off settings for each field. I like it a lot! Their support was extremely useful.

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