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  • Hi Everyone,

    I’m trying to get my head around the customising of templates, and hope someone can shed some light please?

    I’m using the latest WooTheme Sliding with WooCommerce 2.0.7

    From what I understand, all the WooCommerce template files reside in:
    /woocommerce/templates/ directory.

    You also have the files:

    If you want to customise a template then you copy the file you wish to edit to:

    You can also add code snippets (actions, etc) in the functions.php of your theme.

    1) So, do you edit the actual template file directly (yourtheme/woocommerce) or do you edit the functions.php file in your theme, which then reads the template file loccated in (yourtheme/woocommerce) and results in an override?

    2) I for example had to change the “display name” of the “Cart” Button to read “Basket”, so I edited the file /woocommerce/woocommerce-functions.php with:

    $woocommerce->add_message( __( 'Basket updated.', 'woocommerce' ) );

    Is this correct? Or will this file be overwriten when I upgrade?
    Should I copy /woocommerce/woocommerce-functions.php to yourtheme/woocommerce root folder?? and then make the edits?

    I’m just a bit lost at the moment and very new to this 🙂

    Thanks in advance!

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