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  1. consultantmama
    Posted 3 years ago #


    I have put numerous number of hours in tweaking my blog to get it looking the way I want.
    One of the things I can seem to figure out is to customise my menu and side bars. I want to:

    1. Change the colour of the menu and side bars.
    2. And remove the line in between the links
    3. And stop the menu bar overflowing onto the sides.

    I need help please. I am using the Modern Blogger Child Theme and my link is http://www.consultantmama.com

  2. That's a commercial theme and we don't support those here. Probably not the answer you wanted to read. ;)

    For customization of your Genesis child theme use Chrome's built in Inspect element tool or the Firebug extension to identify the CSS.

    Once you've found the CSS for the color of the menu and other things then make those adjustments in your CSS and that should do it.

    For a Firebug tutorial give this a read.


    It may help you identify what you need to change.

  3. consultantmama
    Posted 3 years ago #

    In that case, I may have to start afresh with a another theme because it is taking me forever to do this. If I wanted the same theme as http://www.pm4girls.elizabeth-harrin.com/ what would you recommend?

  4. My recommendation for finding themes is always the same. The tag interface may help you narrow it down some.

    Almost any theme you get will not be a perfect fit for your needs and you may want to consider finding one that's close and modify it via a child theme.

    One thing you should really avoid is using a search engine to find themes. The first hits will get your site hacked or loaded up with hidden SPAM links.

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