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    OK, so… my uneducated brain thinks this should be simple, but… I can’t find a simple answer for it.

    When you add a flat rate shipping method, you then edit it to give it a title, set whether it’s taxable or not and set the cost.

    So far so good.

    Now then… I’d like to add an additional field on the flate rate details. A simple text field that will allow the input of a 2 digit number. A ‘service code’ so that when I export orders to put them into the DPD shipping software… it knows which delivery option that shipping method is for.

    For example… standard next day is service code ’32’.

    Saturday delivery is service code ’36’.


    So, would anyone know how I could achieve this?

    Any help sincerely appreciated. 🙂

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  • Stef


    It sounds to me like you’re over complicating things.

    You can create as many Flat Rates as you want inside a single zone and man’s them whatever.

    So you could create

    1.) Flat Rate $32
    2.) Flat Rate $36
    3.) Flat Rate $49

    Whatever you want

    Thanks for the reply, Stef.

    Think I didn’t explain it correctly.

    To generate the shipping instructions and labels for DPD, we have to do an order export. That is formatted in a specific way for DPD’s software to handle it correctly.

    In the export csv, there is a column for the ‘service code’. This is what I need the extra field for. I already have the cost field, to assign the correct price for each method.

    32 or 36 is not the shipping method cost… it’s the service code, so that the DPD software can automatically assign either a next day delivery or a Saturday delivery.

    Is that more clearly explained?





    Got it. Doesn’t DPD offer a plugin or API to integrate? I could have sworn I saw at least a plugin.

    DPD do have a plugin, but… not for DPD UK, unfortunately. 🙁

    And, reverse engineering that plugin seems like a better case of over complicating things, since I only need two of their long list of delivery options.

    I know things are never quite as simple as they seem, but in my head I’m thinking… surely it can’t be that hard just to add an extra text field to the flat rate settings. :\

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    Thanks Stef.

    I’ll look into that, but I’ll still be looking for a non plugin solution if at all possible. Already got more plugins than I’d like on the site in question.


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    We haven’t heard back from you in a while, so I’m going to mark this as resolved – if you have any further questions, you can start a new thread.

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