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  • Hi, We’re new to WordPress and have selected Codium 1.0.9 as our first theme. Most of the customisation options appear straightforward but a couple of requirements are proving harder to implement.

    We’d like to remove the “Leave a Reply” section at the bottom of each page except the BLOG page.

    Also we don’t need the right hand side bar content and have managed to remove the content but cannot utilise the space freed up with content from the main “subject matter” area of the page. We guess that’s because the sidebar is a cell in an underlying table (or some other page formating feature of html).

    It appears both these requirements require us to dig deep into the theme design which we’re not skilled enough to do right now. Could anybody provide some very basic advice before we invest too much time please?

    Many thanks in anticipation

    Eva and Rosemary

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  • Comments are normally selectable from the page editing screen. Just uncheck the box. Otherwise you could remove <? php comments_template(); ?>
    from the bottom of the page.php theme file under Apperance/editor.
    Or just add “/*” to cancel the code, like this:

    <?/* php comments_template(); */?>

    You may need a full width page template to remove the sidebar, you could also try removing/canceling get_sidebar from the page/post template code, (like with the comment) but it may tweek your layout, may have to mess around with the div’s.

    You can do this stuff with the php code or css, I reccomend using Mozilla Firebug to find code for page elements.

    Hi Deepbevel, many thanks for your feedback and apologises for the time taken to respond (we’ve been offline for a few days!).

    Following your advice we found the control for “leave a reply” and that works perfectly. The moral of the story is we need to explore the available options more carefully !!

    Regarding the sidebar, I guess the choice of theme is the easiest way to get basic page formatting otherwise it appears to be a case of having enough html/php knowledge to customise a chosen theme radically?

    We started out with the idea that we could produce a fairly sophisticated website without specialist knowledge. Please note our intended site is not necessarily a blog – though interaction with customers would be an interesting feature. Best Rgds, Eva

    to stretch the content over the full width, edit this line in style.css of your theme:

    #container{margin:0 0 0 12px; padding:2em 1em 1em 1em;width:620px; background-color:#fff; float:left; display:inline; clear:both;}

    change the width to 930px

    Yes, the theme you choose can save you much work, or create a ton of it, definatly look for something that has the basic layout and look you need without much tweaking. Or get a theme that has many customization options available through main admin settings so you don’t have to code so much. Still, the claim that WP makes it easy for anyone to make a site only applies to people who are okay with the a theme as is, always depends on what you want. Good luck!

    Many thanks alchymyth for the technical solution which has worked perfectly and provide more insight into how all this works. Interestingly the change had no effect whilst I had two pages called HOME. When I renamed the page in question to something other than home the change came into effect!!?? I stumbled into that.

    Many thanks also to deepbevel you have confirmed what we were starting to figure out for ourselves. However, we will stick with WordPress for the time being as Codium is starting to take shape for us thanks to the help you guys have provided.

    Once again, many thanks
    Eva and Rosemary

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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