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  • I have a strange problem that accepted all 4 of my sites following upgrade to WP5.5.

    When in the customiser the first change I make to theme colours or custom css (Additional CSS) causes the preview pane to lose all custom css. I can still continue to make changes to theme colours or custom CSS, and it saves fine, but I cannot see the changes live in the RH preview.Another way to trigger the sudden dropping of CSS applied to the customiser-preview is to open the web-inspector.

    Weirdly, this problem happened to all four of my websites (under one host) despite them using different themes and mostly different plugins. Following deactivation of all plugins and then reactivating one by one, the issue appears to be connected with Jetpack as the issue goes away when Jetpack is deactivated and comes back when Jetpack is reactivated. Interestingly, I had a 5th test site (with the same host, also autoupdated to WP5.5), that didn’t have Jetpack plugin installed. I installed Jetpack and it works normally.

    So it appears that something in the WP5.5 update ‘broke’ Jetpack/customiser, across all 4 sites that used it, all in the same way.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

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  • JetPack has a lot of features that can be enabled and disabled. You can try disabling different features to see if the problem goes away. You might also want to ask the question in their forum After you narrow the problem down notify jetpack so they can look at it and make changes. I believe jetpack is owned by Automattic. If there is a problem with something they will probably be quick to fix it.

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    Thanks for your input mrtom,

    I actually posted in the Jetpack forum, but my question has been deleted – it doesn’t even show up under my profile now! (Perhaps it was removed because I posted here too?)

    The reason I posted here is because I suspect the problem is more complex – why did it affect all four of my sites which have different themes and plugins? Why when I add Jetpack to a fifth site (that previously didn’t have Jetpack) does the same error not arise?

    I was hoping for a little insight beyond the plugin, such as how the customiser loads css. The fact that the CSS disappears from customiser preview the moment any css changes are made might be indicative.

    I’ll try again in the Jetpack forum…

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