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  • seagullsandsnow


    Is it possible to define which roles get synced across a multisite, perhaps using ConfigPress?

    Currently I have a setup where different sites have different roles
    Site 1 – role_a role_b role_c
    Site 2 – role_a role_b
    Site 3 – role_a
    Site 4 – role_b
    Site 5 – role_c

    When I sync roles across the multisite, it syncs all roles to all sites. As I need to restrict some sites for non-members, I cannot leave non-relevant roles on the site. My current workaround is that I delete the surplus roles after the sync (ie, role_c on Site 2, role_b and role_c on Site 3, etc) but I suspect there is a cleaner way to instruct AAM to sync only those roles that are relevant to it.

    Any ideas? Many thanks.

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  • To clarify, I see that ConfigPress has the setting multisite. but is there a way to specify which site to which site and for specific roles. This seems like it could be configurable, if I could find a reference on how ConfigPress communicates.

    In other words, use ConfigPress to customise not the capabilities etc but the sites per role.


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