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    Hi, this is a great plugin for obfuscating email addresses!

    One thing I would like to be able to do, is to customise the text that is displayed within the <noscript> tags, ie. the text that is displayed if the user’s browser has JS disabled.

    By default this is set to *protected email* but it seems I can only change it if I enable the RSS Feeds option. However, if I want the RSS Feeds option to be disabled, I can no longer customise the text.

    Additionally, I would love to see some more options available for what to display for browsers that have JS turned off or don’t support JS at all (although I know such browsers are few and far between, they do still exist).

    Eg. perhaps the option to display the address as user[at]example[dot]com, or perhaps to use the CSS “display:none” trick to further obfuscate the address.

    In other words, the main JavaScript method would still be used as it currently is by your plugin, but for the text in the <noscript> section, this text could still be the email address but obfuscated with CSS display:none for example, which is still a good method. That way everybody can see the email address, regardless of having JS enabled, but the spam bots still cannot. 🙂

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  • Plugin Author FineWebdev


    Good suggestions.

    The CSS trick is being used in another plugin for protecting emails: WP Mailto Links. Maybe you like that one better.

    Yeah, I’ve already seen and tried WP Mailto Links – it’s a good plugin, but it doesn’t use JavaScript. 🙂

    I much prefer Email Encoder Bundle because it does use JavaScript, which I think is the strongest/safest method.

    In any case, aside from the CSS idea, do you think you might at least implement my first suggestion of being able to customise the text that is displayed within the <noscript> tags, without having to enable the RSS Feeds option?

    Plugin Author FineWebdev


    JavaScript is indeed the safest way. And therefore it is also used by the other plugin.

    I will fix making the protection text editable.


    A couple of other questions about the Email Encoder Bundle plugin:

    1) Why is the setting “Replace plain email addresses to protected mailto links” described as “not recommended”? What’s the reason you don’t recommend it?

    2) The WP Mailto Links plugin has a setting called “Protect <head>-section by replacing emails with protection text” – but this setting doesn’t exist with Email Encoder Bundle – why is that? Wouldn’t this be a good feature for EEB to have as well?

    Plugin Author FineWebdev


    (1) Because searching for plain emailaddresses does not work always correctly. F.e. sometimes an input field already has a prefilled emailaddress, which the plugin will then convert into a protected mailto link.

    (2) The plugin does not scan the whole page (instead of WPML), but only the posts, comments and text-widgets, and not the <head>. Both plugins have a different (technical) approach.

    It looks like this is resolved now with 1.0.0 – thanks! 🙂

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