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  • Just wanting to know two things.

    1. Can Search-Everything be customised to (ironically) only search certain sections – eg. Only search Pages, under a certain Parent? or just a certain group of Page IDs?


    2. The full question incase someone else has already done it… What I’m actually wanting to achieve is when someone searches the site, the top of the search results page shows links to results from Pages within a certain ParentID THEN underneath that, the standard search results for everything.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Edit:

    Exactly like the plugin search page does – but it searches for Title first, then in the Description…

    Yes – I’m also using searcheverything plugin and need to exclude certain post categories from the search results – I’d also like to exclude some pages too!! I have built a site that uses certain post categories to build interface graphics like sidebars and stuff… and don’t want these to showup in search results.

    Ive tried many different search plugins – the best (apart from it was showing up attachments – NOT desirable for my situation!) was – NOT the lite version (I think he’s got his links mixed up!) the full version allows you to exclude certain categories if you delve into the plugin code (not for the faint hearted!!) – so there is a way to do this, if only I was good enough at PHP I could combine the exclude category search of the zirona plugin with search everything… and be a VERY happy man!

    Ah, just to clarify, the Advanced Search Plugin I mentioned (not the light version) is at

    – This would be nearly perfect, but I’m guessing theres either a mistake in the code, or it’s not compatible with WP v2.2.2 – as I said, the results seem to start showing up attachments in the search results, which is no good for me I’m afriad!

    I’m currently working out SE4 for the 2.3 release and I’m way behind. So this will have to be on the back-burner unless someone else wants to throw some code my way. But you can checkout the trunk which has some excluding options.

    You should also post your request in the forums I have for my plugins when you get a chance.

    I lied I just got it working for pages and posts. I just updated the plugin to 3.9.9

    I use the search everything plugin (love it) but I need it to search the blogroll links and/or descriptions. Possible?

    I’d make a donation to see this working. Feel free to contact me offlist. syncbox AT gmail DOT com (do the obvious)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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