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    Hello! Thanks for the awesome plug in. I’d like to add a Contact Number box to the contact form.
    What’s the best way to do that?


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  • Hello @lesleysim,

    You’re welcome. Unfortunately, right now there is no easy way to add a new field to the contact form because it wasn’t built to be so flexible. Maybe in a future release of the plugin… we will make the form more flexible.

    Edit steps:
    1. copy wp-maintenance-mode/views/maintenance.php to wp-content/wp-maintenance-mode.php and add the field in the contact form div;
    2. copy wp-maintenance-mode/views/contact.php to wp-content/wp-maintenance-mode-contact.php and add the $_POST field where you need;
    3. add the next snippet in your <current theme>/functions.php file (because it is necessary to change the contact template path).

    function alter_wpmm_contact_template($path){
      return WP_CONTENT_DIR . '/wp-maintenance-mode-contact.php';
    add_filter('wpmm_contact_template', 'alter_wpmm_contact_template');


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    Thanks George!

    wp-content/wp-maintenance-mode.php or wp-content/wp-maintenance-mode-contact.php files don’t exist.

    There is a wp-maintenance-mode/wp-maintenance-mode.php file though. Should I create a wp-maintenance-mode-contact.php in wp-maintenance-mode/?

    Or create both of those files in wp-content/?

    Thank you!

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    Also, I’m not sure if it matters but previously, I amended both wp-maintenance-mode/views/contact.php and wp-maintenance-mode/views/maintenance.php. Which let me fill out the form on the website and there was a space for it in the email, but there was no data captured and the field was empty.

    Yes, you have to create those files… in wp-content directory. Actually you have to copy them from the plugin’s directory to the wp-content directory an rename them as I said.

    Take a look at this gist (maybe you’ll understand): https://gist.github.com/georgejipa/a65479b11639cf84c9e824db073fdc59

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