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  • Hi,
    My homepage menu has Home, Contact Us, About, Blog, Videos. I’d like to be able to pull a menu into the videos page of categories!

    Videos Page Loads >>>>>
    Video Catagory 1, Video Catagory 2, Video Catagory 3, Video Catagory 4, etc.

    I should be able to edit the menu to add and remove menu buttons in one location and customise the look but only have to put this code [add-video-categories-menu-in-page] into any newly created category page. Each menu button should be able to link to hidden Vantage pages. Instead of making links to pages going into the main and sub menus of the Vantage theme.

    Any suggestion to achieve this in a simple way would be great thanks? All i really want is a simple menu that loads in a page that easy to edit.

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    You can create and edit another menu using the usual menu admin screen, then use it in a shortcode by calling wp_nav_menu() in the shortcode handler. Pass the “echo” argument as false so the menu can be concatenated to other shortcode output instead of being directly echoed out.

    I’m assuming you are willing to hardcode the menu ID or slug in the shortcode. If the ID needs to be determined dynamically, another menu area needs to be created (or utilize one that is not currently being used) so there is a way to get the associated menu by location.

    Sorry i don’t quite understand much of this!

    Problem is when you create and publish any new page a new button and link is automatically added to the main menu.

    Is there a way to make pages that do NOT create a new menu button in the main menu header area. So they are hidden. I can then use the URLs to make a menu code and paste it in and create page edit area.

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    Sure! There’s a checkbox at the bottom of the Menu Structure list labeled “Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu”. Un-check this option, then click Save Menu. This option is per menu, so one menu could be used to collect new pages while another never changes.

    If you want to manually create links in page content, that’s fine. There’s likely a way to have these links generated dynamically as long as the criteria for being included in the list can be defined in PHP code. For example, all video attachments with a certain tag added in the last 30 days. If the criteria is arbitrary, like videos that made me laugh out loud, listing these would be difficult to do dynamically. Unless you were to add a “lol” tag to all such videos. In which case the criteria is really videos with the lol tag. The script doesn’t care what lol means, only that the tag exists or not.

    I open a ‘Videos’ page and click Page Builder >> Add Widget >> and dragged the Custom Menu in and selected the menu i created.

    OK so this is something of a success. It has put a menu in a page! Terrific that’s good.

    I unchecked the “Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu” saved. It still adds top level newly created pages to the “main” home page of my web site.

    I want the menu buttons embedded down in the page called ‘Videos’ to end up being about four wide and stacked three or four high all neatly bunched together and be able to ad more and it automatically stacks them.

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    There is another way i could go about this and save myself time and have YouTube handling all the back-end.

    I notice there is a few cool plugins that pull a YouTube Channel into a page and Playlists.

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