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  • I’m fairly new to wordpress… I’ve been searching and reading for hours and can’t seem to get any help.

    I’m starting a poker games website and what I want on the site is a login box on the sidebar and when the customer/user logs in… they can see their own personal profile with details they can only see. (Example: how much money they have in their account – which I would like to be able to edit) and I don’t want it to say anything about wordpress though.

    How can I do that? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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  • You can determine if a user is logged in display details about the user – eg. their name – using the templating functions within WordPress.

    To do the other bits, eg. money and whatever game engine you have in mind, you’ll need to use other code. WordPress stores data about a user relevant to running a blog or simple website: custom data needs to be worked in through plugins. (Plugins for this sort of thing are unlikely to exist – I can’t find any either – the developer behind it stands to gain too much by developing it to give it away.) Alternatively to plugins you can code it yourself, but you wouldn’t be anywhere near WordPress if you thought that might work.

    All in all, it’s possible, but you’re going to need to know a bit about PHP and MySQL.

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