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  • Hi,
    I have a canvas printing online store which has been going officially for the last month. People come on site and select a product, size, colour, style etc in our store section. The site is a wordpress built.
    I am using the gold cart facility.
    The problem I am having is the image upload function. When a customer selects a canvas size and frame they then need to upload the image from their computer that they want printed on canvas. When I log into my sales section in dashboard, I will see a sale with all the details. Under “details” I should see “1 items” highlighted.
    When I click on “1 items” it should give me all the details of the order plus the name of the image that has been uploaded.
    The problem is I do get the name of the image here but thats it, the file itself is not there, or is not selectable so that I can download it. This function has been tested using browsers such as Firefox, Safarim etc.
    Any idea whats going on or is there a more reliable upload feature that can be integrated with the product purchase.

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  • I have the exact same issue. However which plugin did you use. On a previous post I had left, someone replied to use Cart66, however its not a free plugin. Im confused and im really struggling.

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