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  • Love the idea of the plugin. A nice option to manual healthchecks, but haven’t been impressed with the customer service response to users comments in the support forums. score for the plugin (zero) is absolutely awesome. Wish all the plugins I use were so secure.

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  • Plugin Author Marius L. J.



    I’d like to start by saying, I have no customers here, this is all volunteer work, provided for free, I think it’s important to get that distinction out there, as this is not a paid for product.

    I’m sorry to hear you don’t approve of our interaction with users, that’s obviously not the opinion we are going for, and hopefully you’ll find it better in the future.

    Would you mind if I asked a bit about your experiences with the plugin it self, what worked and didn’t work for you, was there aspects of it we could improve on?

    I can update. But reviewing the reviews………I saw a lot of negative feedback that is not consistent with your impression. As long as feedback is not understood and integrated into future deployments I can’t imagine this trend will go away. That said, this seems to be one of the core plugins for streamlined troubleshooting. But thinking that ‘it does what it is supposed to’……..when it’s breaking some customer sites is to misunderstand why products are being built, why customers use them, and the problems they are intended to solve.

    These sites obviously have a bit of trolling. That is not my intent, thus I included acknowledgment in my original response. That said I would suggest the following:

    * No mocking of customers in replies
    * No minimizing of customer issues when evaluating their feedback
    * No minimizing of customer issues when evaluating how their feedback impacts the utility of the product
    * Don’t avoid mocking/magnification/distortion/rephrasing of customer frustration as a form of effective/ reflective listening or understanding
    * Don’t confuse review/support form response – sterilization/deletion as an effective form of product quality assurance
    * Don’t confuse ‘loose correlation’ (observation, etc.) with having a ‘complete lack of evidence’ for the conclusions drawn
    * Don’t assume that this plugin/product performs in a vacuum. It doesn’t, and so needs to consider the surrounding ecosystem (a challenge most tech companies face).

    I see on your plugin’s risk compliance with current PHP protocols, and thus risk for intrusion, is set at zero. Pretty awesome score. Wish all the plugins I use were rated that well.

    Jon (Kenshino)


    Lord Jon


    I appreciate what you’re doing to do and I see your good intentions around it.

    But could you keep the review of this plugin specific to your experience with it rather than contributing a group review on behalf of others.

    This was my experience and has been updated to reflect current responses which have continued the trends described. Feel free to close this thread. Thanks

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