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    Hi, once again thanks for a great plugin. As a Web Developer, I have to applaud you guys on providing an excellent plugin – for free! Of course with a paid subscription I would also like to support you guys. I was also this close to being able to convince my client to do exactly that. However, once he looked at the form that his customers would be filling out (via the link from the Email) – he almost had a heart attack!

    The very first thing his customer sees when opening the form is a sad face. Since most people read left to right, the customer first sees an unhappy face. Then it takes a minute for the customer to realize that a happy face is on the right side of the form. But the damage is done – unhappy face seen first.

    Even on your own Website (advertising this plugin) you show an image of a cursor hovering over the 5th star in a row of stars. Logically thinking this makes sense. People are rating a product from 1 to 5 stars. And that’s also what shows up in Google if your product has lots of 5 star reviews – it shows stars.

    So the question is what’s with the sad face? Wouldn’t it make more sense from a customer’s perspective to give them an option of simply clicking on 1 to 5 stars without the sad / happy face and then the 1 to 5 radio buttons??

    I gave your plugin here on WordPress a 5 star review. It in fact defaults to 5 stars and if I wasn’t happy with 5 stars, I would physically have to click on less to tell you guys I was unhappy with the product. That makes more sense to me from a psychological and from a marketing point of view. Give everyone a 5 star rating UNLESS they actually deserve less.

    Unfortunately for me, unless I know this will be fixed sometime soon, I will be forced to find another plugin or service that serves the needs of my customer better.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Consider this a formal plugin enhancement request!

    Cheers, Markus

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    Plugin Author ivole


    Thanks for the suggestion!

    So far, the feedback from stores that are actively using the plugin was that the review form works really well. Perhaps, you overestimate the psychological effect? 🙂

    Anyway, we will check if we can add an option to display stars instead of happy/sad faces with one of the next updates. Please keep an eye on release notes.

    Hi ivole,

    thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate your consideration of providing an option to swap out the unhappy / sad faces.

    I was also hoping to hear feedback on my second suggestion. As a pure marketing tool, doesn’t it make sense to “nudge” the reviewer into giving a positive feedback without having to do too much work? Perhaps you have never given a rating here on WordPress recently, but I like the way they do it. As I previously wrote, WordPress has adopted an approach to give a 5 star rating by default. One should make it as easy as possible for the reviewer to give an excellent rating (unless of course that rating isn’t deserved) in which case they will definitely be changing the default value from 5 to something else.

    These ratings play a very important part to anyone running a woocommerce store as Google “pays attention” to the customers review of each and every product being reviewed.

    I seriously want to thank you again for providing this wonderful plugin and am glad to hear you are open to hearing suggestions on ways to improve it. As developers we sometimes are “too close” to the project and it is sometimes good to see our creations with a different set of eyes.

    Cheers, Markus

    i agree, also the “powered by….” should be removed, im not sure if it is on the premium version

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