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  1. aszyszkowski
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    Hello all!
    I am in a bind and the google isn't doing it for me right now. Maybe I am searching the wrong keywords, whatever. I figured why not tap the very community that is here on wordpress (smart logic right haha).

    Here's what I am trying to do...

    I am putting together a website through wordpress that I may skin myself or theme and here's what it needs to do:
    - When customers/clients come to my site, they need to register/create a log-in
    - the purpose here is some that I may build a database of said client info.
    - I then need to infer to be tied to what comes next... (so my understanding the registration creating creating log in info would be best)
    -I need a form the customer fills out to provide me with the details of the services they want.
    -I will not be taking payment information or processing orders from the site. this will be done personal once I obtain the info they provide me through the site. so commence in the payment sense is not necessary.

    So simply put... I need to figure out how to implement a site that will allow people to register, giving me a database of their information, that is in turn then connected the to order they submit through a form of some kind. They register then order and they details are sent to me. Next time the visit they just need to log in.

    Hope that makes sense. I apologize if this sounds repetitious.

    Any ideas?!?!?!

    If this requires plug-ins, what are they? I don't mind paying if I have to. I accept not everything is free haha.

    Thank you all for taking the time to read this at the very least!

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