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  • When you edit the template and go to the Email Type and text and at Email Type select Customer Processing order. You can’t edit the body text in the text square. If you type in it the text in the template wont change.

    So in short:
    Email Type and Text > Email Type > Customer Processing Order > Body Text (editing of the body text doesnt work)

    Is there a different way I can edit the body text?

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  • Hello,

    I just tested on my site and I’m able to edit that text. Have you tried placing the custom body text into the field and saving, then sending a test email to see if the changes are reflected?


    Hey @caden123 usually that means you are overriding the template within your theme or another plugin. Also it’s possible your theme is just conflicting in the editor. I suggest you first check to see if you’re overriding that email template.
    @britner @jx-3p I have checked most of my plugins and they dont affect Kadence. If I disable the rest of my plugins and test if they are the problem I might have to set them up all again or have other problems. How do I tell if my theme is the problem? Im using the Themify Shoppe Theme.

    How do I tell if my theme is the problem? Im using the Themify Shoppe Theme.

    Just temporarily activate another theme and test, you can switch right back.

    Let me know.

    @britner Its my theme thats causing the issue. Is there a way i can fix this?

    @caden123 After you switch to another theme, the issue is gone? That might be related to the theme then. Since you are using a premium Themify theme, could you post this issue on our forum: We might need login to check the issue (please provide that in private message). If you could post along with some screenshots to point where the problem is, it will help us to understand the issue (because we are not familiar with the plugin).

    @themifyme If I switch themes it does not change. I will post it on your forum

    @themifyme does the Themify Shoppe Theme override any woocommerce email templates?

    If that isn’t it, then it could be javascript related like an error in the customizer preventing something from working. I had to add some tweaks already for Divi theme to allow the customizer to function.

    @themifyme How can I DM you guys?

    @britner No, we don’t alter any WooCommerce email templates. We do have some custom templates for WooCommerce, but not for email.

    @caden123 Please email us directly for private messages: (please state this thread for references).

    Hi, I have the same issue: I can’t edit the Customer Processing Order body text. Whatever I do, the body text stays the same: “Your order has been received and is now being processed. Your order details are shown below for your reference:”

    All the other email types have worked fine. Editing the heading and the subtitle in the Customer Processing Order email worked fine as well. It’s only the body text that is completely immune to changes.

    Hey @bookmarchitect,

    It’s best to create your own new topic 🙂

    Your issue sounds like you have copied that email template into your theme and are overriding it. I suggest you go to woocommerce > status and scroll down to the template overrides. Make sure you are not overriding any email templates.


Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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