• DesktopServer has claimed approx. $200 of my dollars for the last 2 years and they will never see another dime from me. As a “premium” subscriber here is what I enjoyed. 100% of the time voicemail. Not 80, not 88, not even 95%. Guaranteed if you call you will go straight to voicemail.

    Hours later you will get a call back. In my case I waited the better part of a day. Back and forth hemming and hawing, could not get my ftp to work. Ironic as I sent screen shots of my ftp working fine. e-mails are “forgotten”. I would sit and wait to see if anything had been done – it hadn’t. I would inquire, nothing. No reply of any kind.

    FINALLY I gave up and found out about Duplicator and am going that route. WAMP – Duplicator – lack of disrespect = winner in my book. Oh and saving myself another annual subscription fee.


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