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  • i want to make different excerpt lengths for different posts. i’ve read about different ways to change the excerpt length, on the whole. but is there any way to make multiple excerpt lengths that I can apply to different post excerpts????

    please advise. thanks in advance.

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  • i have an almost similar question to ask. let’s say, i have added 10 posts to 2 different categorys. the excerpts would be the same on both sites, which results in duplicate content. i’d like to customize my functions.php in a way, where i can choose, how the excerpts should be handled within the loop on a category basis. i’ve searched everywhere and found some great advice on that. only one extra option where i can’t solve the problem is this: let’s say, i use an excerpt containing the 55 first words in category 1, how can i use the second 55 words of the posts in category 2? i ask this, because it would be a big improvement on seo and could help others too.

    i can’t find a way to truncate the first 55 words, if i pull in 110. is there a more elegant way to solve that? thanks.

    can anyone please answer my first question??? my thread got hijacked 🙁

    Not sure why this is marked as “resolved”. It’s also disappointing when one’s questions don’t get a response from people that likely know the answer. I am looking for a way to have multiple excerpt lengths as well.

    Closest I have come is this post:

    Manage Multiple Excerpt Lengths

    I haven’t tested it yet as I am still trying to work out what it is doing. Might help you though.

    i dont know how it got marked resolved but i just changed it back to unresolved…

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