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  • Hi,
    I’m working on a new wordpress site in which I want to allow multiple contributors to publish new posts. I wonder if there’s a plugin that would let me make a wordpress page that works as a minimal ‘write post’ form. Just with a couple of fields for title and contents plus a couple of categories to choose from.

    I’ve been looking for quite a while now, but haven’t found something like it.

    Any advice?

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  • You can do something based on user level to hide all the fields you don’t want to appear for these users by adding a few lines to “edit_form_advanced.php”.
    I did this : I added <?php if ($user_level > 2) : ?> before all the fieldsets (or anything you don’t want to display) that were to not show. And <?php endif; ?> after.
    For example to hide the password field :

    <?php if ($user_level > 2) : ?>
    <fieldset id="passworddiv" class="dbx-box">
    <h3 class="dbx-handle"><?php _e('Password-Protect Post') ?></h3>
    <div class="dbx-content"><input name="post_password" type="text" size="13" id="post_password" value="<?php echo $post->post_password ?>" /></div>
    <?php endif; ?>

    Hi damj,

    Sounds like the best solution so far! 🙂

    Though, it would be ideal to have a custom ‘write post’ page, that goes with the rest of the blog’s theme and that’s linked from the navigation when people are logged in.

    Anyway, I’m going to try your hack right now. Thanks a lot!

    Just one more thing :
    you can’t suppress that way the “commentstatusdiv” fielset if you want the comments to default to “opened”.
    What I did is enclose that fieldset in a div with style=”display:none”.
    Before : <?php if ($user_level < 3) echo '<div style="display:none;">'; ?>
    After : <?php if ($user_level < 3) echo '</div>'; ?>

    I hope this helps… It works for me but I’m just a beginner to php…

    Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it!

    HI there- I tried that solution- and it hid all the Write sidebar stuff, but it also hid it when I was logged in as Admin.
    Could there be more to that php if statement?

    yeah definitely removing it from everywhere. Whats wrong here? Scratching my head.

    Looking for something like this too. It seems like an important thing to be able to do in a community style website system. Could get quite complicated though if you’re adding extr fields as well like upload media files etc etc. Anyway hope to see this functionality sometime in the future.

    there was a plugin called custom write panel, but it doesn’t work in WP2.3. hopefully someone will pick up its development.

    There is a new plugin called Fresh Page
    that has the Custom Write Panel included. It is supported on WP2.3. Is there anyone that could help me to use this? I want to have users input information into specific fields that I provide and those fields in turn show up on the post.

    For example, I was users to input Journal Name and Page Numbers. I created those input fields using the plugin. Entered information in, and said publish, but when I look at the post, it is blank.
    Any help?

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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