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    I’m currently developing a website locally that relies on both the custom write panel (to make my own content) and ultimate tag warrior.

    The latter i see can now be handled within 2.3 so thats not an issue but i believe that custom write panel is not supported anymore and does not function with the 2.3 environment.

    Does anybody have a fix for this plugin or any other way for me to have my own custom content type using the custom fields fields ? I know i can use them directly within a post but without expanding them by default they become more of a hindrance than benefit on heavy content rich websites. Hence why the custom write panel is a godsend.

    Any help appreciated.

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  • Interesting. I’m now 4 / 4 on posts posted and unanswered. Interesting support forums we have here.

    I’m not understanding what your plugin does, exactly.

    Generally if you fill in custom fields, you need to tinker with your theme to utilize that additional information. As they are custom fields, the theme has no way to know what they are going to be.

    Its not my plugin, its a plugin readily available.

    Its the write panel itself, not the custom fields, that has stopped functioning due to 2.3 moving the categories etc.

    I’m not using the software as a blog per say so really need a way to design my own custom content form for submitting content the way i want it.

    The theme still displays current custom fields fine, but i need to be able to use that custom write panel to enter my posts easier.

    With some 10 or so custom fields to fill on every post, the default wordpress way is unsuitable and thus why i opted to use the custom write panel plugin. I’m using wordpress more of a CMS than a blog.

    That and UTW are really heavily embedded within my content and although i can eliminate the latter due to 2.3’s new tagging, I really need a solution for the former.

    I’m good to go with the 2.2 version of wordpress but as wordpress does not offer security fixes to past versions i need to be able to move up to the latter version immediately before launch.

    Any help appreciated.

    OK with the patch from trac, located at the following address

    submitted by leekelleher, thanks lee, custom write panel is now fully functional again on 2.3

    Now all i need is to sort out UTW.

    Just to be clear..

    This code goes in the two files: RCCWP_Application.php and RCCWP_CustomWritePanel.php. Do they need to go in a specific place or anywhere in the code?


    Just a quick note, there’s a forum for this plugin and others available here:

    Cheers – Callum.

    kiddhustle you need to replace the code already within those php files (just the snippets) with the new bits from trac.

    Find (in those files) whats highlighted in red, and replace with whats in green.

    The diff/patch code is no longer there. Anybody know if or when rhymedcode is going to release patched for 2.3?


    I am also trying to use this plugin.

    Have found the snippets of code to update for 2.3 (I think) here…

    But I still have a problem on my local install on mac OSX

    You can see the problem here:

    Manage –> Custom Write Panel

    options –> Custom Write Panel

    Any advice on how to fix this would be very much appreciated.

    There does not seem to be any official support right now, which is a shame as it is a very powerful plugin.




    This code doesn’t work. Was something changed again in 2.3.3 that caused this?


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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