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  1. MartinNZ
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    I'm creating a project using WordPress MU (3.3.1) and have made a custom wp-signup page (as described on this forum).

    The whole code was copied to a template file and I've been adding to it to fit my user scenario, which is:

    User visits order page and is redirected to Paypal to make a payment. Once successful the user is returned to the custom-wp-signup page to create the website.

    The only major difference to the custom sign-up page is the addition of code, which runs to create a recurring payment profile with Paypal. The code runs fine and everything works almost as required.

    The problem is this:

    The recurring payment profile can only be created once but the code runs every time the user moves on to the next step when creating a site (as per wp-signup.php). I can remove the code that displays the error message but I'm trying to do it properly.

    Within WordPress or PHP how can I make the code run only once... and meet the below condition.

    Condition: If a user visits "custom-sign-up" page without first going through the proper process they must not be allowed to create a site.

    What would be the most suitable solution?

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  2. Wouldn't http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/s2member/ be the tool for this?

  3. MartinNZ
    Posted 4 years ago #


    Thank you for your comment. I'm looking in to the plugin and at first glance it does appear to be what I need.



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