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[Resolved] Custom WP Image Size Instead of TimThumb?

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  • caimin_nwl


    NetWebLogic Support

    Sounds like you’re using the default thumbnail size for WordPress. You can change the size from the Settings > Media page.

    Shouldn’t there be a way to set this in the plugin itself, though? What if someone doesn’t want to change the default size for thumbs site-wide, just for the uses of the plugin?



    NetWebLogic Support

    Then you could use the #_EVENTIMAGE{x,y} placeholder – where x and y are the width and height.

    The entire point is to not use timthumb at all. Using the placeholder with the width and height in addition to using using WP images provides a 150×150 thumb, as I stated above.

    I want to NOT use timthumb, use standard WP thumbs and display the image in a size I choose. It seems like this should be a regular function of the plugin.


    try Events > Settings > General > Performance Optimization > Use WordPress thumbnails =Yes

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Not sure I’m getting you now. You are trying to use WP Thumbnails, and you know the thumbnail size you want, right? In that case you just need to define that in your placeholder.

    If you choose something not exactly as your WP sizes, then WP itself chooses the closest picture and resizes it using img tag width/height attributes. We just pass on the dimensions to the wp function that generates the img html tag when in that mode.

    Hi Marcus – so let’s say I use add_image_size to add a new thumb size called “events_thumb”.

    Are you saying I can just use #_EVENTIMAGE{ ‘events_thumb’ } to display a thumb in that size? I wasn’t aware that would be the case, as the doc/help page only mentions using ‘x,y’ for width and height.

    To recap:
    – I want to NOT use TimThumb.
    – I want to use WP-generated images, so I chose the “use WP thumbs” option in the plugin settings
    – I get the 150×150 thumb, which shows me that the plugin is now using WP-generated thumbs, but I want to use my own custom thumbnail size as mentioned above


    you can modify the placeholder to do that – http://wp-events-plugin.com/tutorials/modifying-placeholder-default-information/

    *changing location to event

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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