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  • Is it possible to create a custom wp-admin theme for a WordPress installation?

    I would like to customise the overall appearance, but more importantly tailor the functionality towards my client. They find some of the features a little confusing.

    Kind regards,
    Lea Hayes

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  • You’ll find most of the CSS files in the /wp-admin/css directory.

    Note that, as far as I know, this is not supported behavior. So you’ll need to re-install (and possibly update) all of your work with every new WordPress release. So there’s not a pretty way to do this, as far as I know (like installing a new theme), but you can create new CSS files to get whatever look you want.

    The other option would be to create a plugin that makes some changes to the WordPress admin panel after-the-fact using Javascript. This may not be a very elegant solution, but it might work if you’re just trying to re-style a couple of buttons.

    The biggest asset I’ve found in making WP easier to understand to new users is custom post types. If you organize whatever content they’re going to want to post into a custom form which has only the relevant fields with more informative instructions and details about each field, most novices can figure out how to create posts pretty quickly.

    You can customize it to a degree through WordPress hooks and your functions.php file. This will keep you from needing to dig around in the core. As an example, you can add the following code to your theme’s functions.php and it will allow you to customize the below css to tweak and edit the look of the admin area.

    // custom logo/bg in wp-admin header
    function condor_custom_logo() {
       echo '
    	  <style type="text/css">
    	  	 #header-logo{ display: none;}
    		 #site-heading { background: url(' . get_template_directory_uri() . '/header-logo.png) no-repeat !important; width: 400px; height: 150px; text-indent: -9999px; }
    		 #wphead { height: 150px; background: #000 url(' . get_template_directory_uri() . '/header-bg-tile.jpg) top center repeat-x;}
    		 #wphead-info{padding: 55px 15px 0 0;}
    		 #user_info{ color: #ccc;}
    		 #user_info a:link, #user_info a:visited{color: #43c6fb;}
    add_action('admin_head', 'condor_custom_logo');

    If you’re looking to hide or remove functionality (ie. Appearance or Settings menu items), you’ll need to get into some more complex php or you’ll need to use one of the plugins for it. This one looks good: Admin Menu Editor

    Yes, It is too easy. But i have little experience about WP-Amind theme. I am learning about this. I will tell you later.

    Thanks for the input guys. This morning I have come across a plugin called “Ozh’s Admin Drop Down Menu” which makes the admin navigation similar to my requirements.

    I still need to find a way to add and remove menu items, but it looks to be a good start.

    Any suggestions on admin hooks which can be overridden?

    Adminize.. 😉

    Remove all the items you want easily..

    Hooks wise, a good place to start would be checking the action/filter references (but i’ll give you a hint anyway)..

    You’ll probably find the admin_menu hook is the one you’ll want to play with.. 🙂

    Thanks Mark that is very helpful!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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