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  1. thedotnetarchitect
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    I am in need of a Custom WordPress Theme for my blogging sites and I would like for someone to please contact me at thedotnetarchitect@gmail.com about creating a custom theme for my WordPress 1.5 sites. I have a collection of related sites that I would like to keep an uniformed look and feel that goes across all the sites but the sub domains will need to have different colors but same layout. These sites all revolve around my main site call TheDotNetArchitect.com pronounced The .NET Architect. The .NET part is referring to Microsoft .NET Framework. TheDotNetArchitect.com website was created to provide a place for my show notes and additional information given during my Podcast show about software development located at http://www.thedotnetarchitect.com this is my main site but the sub domains will have there own installation of WordPress and will need a constant look and feel and the main site but in a different color. All other sites are supporting sites on basically content sites that are using there own WordPress installation. I have create a number of content sites as sub domains of the main site for example the main website is called http://www.thedotnetarchitect.com I have created a number of supporting sub domains such as

    extremeprogramming. thedotnetarchitect.com
    daily log.thedotnetarchitect.com

    What I would like is a client crisp design that will be used on many use domains for constant.

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