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  • Should be easy enough. Click on the “Appearances” tab and paste this in the custom CSS field:

    form, fieldset {

    You can try changing 800px to different values and see what it does. I have mine set to 450px because I wanted it narrower. I’m not sure what the max width is.

    You can also change “800px” to “100%” and see what that does. I’m new to CSS, but there’s lots of help out there in Google-land if you need it.

    unfortunatly, this doesn’t work.

    The class used to display form is “jzzf_form_elements” as shows Chrome inspector, but changing value of jzzf_form_elements has no effect either.

    I’ve tried to change almost every “width” of both css files (gui.css and 1.css and I get nothing but a strong frustration.

    Can author help a little, please ?

    It might be overwritten by your theme, because it definitely works for me. Again, this isn’t really a Jazzy Forms issue, it’s basic CSS. Anyway, the author hasn’t been around for 7 months.

    When I click on your link, it says “Not Found” Give us a link that works and maybe someone can help.

    “Anyway, the author hasn’t been around for 7 months.”

    right, and it’a a pity.

    I think this plugin to be almost unique in free plugins librairy allowing calculated fields.

    With a couple of adjustements, it could be one of the most interesting form pluging of all.

    I mean: mandatory fields and easier design customizing.

    Anyway, thanks to the author for the plugin, despite its limitations, I use it, cause I don’t know any other to do the same.

    Plugin Author jazzigor


    Hi guys, this is just to give a sign of life, because I’ve seen your complaints about my absence. I haven’t abandoned this project, I just had to put it aside a while because I’m lacking time. There’s more to come, but probably at snail speed…

    – Have your leg in plaster, had any accident?
    – I bumped into a snail.
    – Didn’t not you see it?
    – I couln’t, it came from behind me.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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