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  • “Custom Widgets” works wonders! It’s perfect for having Certain Widgets on Certain Pages/Categories/Tags/etc. Period. Maybe Widget Logic should incorprate features from “Custom Widgets” in each widget edit box.

    Constructive Criticism!

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  • i’m all for it! not tried this plugin myself tho. i did ask for feature suggestions a while back, but nothing came back. Widget Logic has a simple interface but sadly it’s TOO simple for the absolute beginner to use. I briefly considered a toggle that opened up a larger interface that was more point/click, but anything i came up with was just so ugly and complicated.

    so if anyone has any specific constructive criticism, i’ll take it on board. but i’m not chasing users, I originally came up with WL to fix a problem that wasn’t addressed at the time, that fixed it in a way i found convenient and flexible.

    here’s slayers way to do it

    let’s also give a plug to konstruktor’s widget context plugin too

    I just LOOOOOOVE widget logic. It’s just a rock and roll plugin. I mean, it’s taken me a while to learn how to state my widget display “rules” in “logic” that WP can understand, but I’ve created a unique experience for visitors vs. logged in members with page by page and post by post selections with widget logic. I don’t know if other plugins can do this, but I am a big fan and I am very very grateful that widget logic exists.


    I tried Widget Logic, but needed something much more user friendly. I ended up writing Display Widgets. It uses check boxes instead of requiring markup. It may be difficult to manage on sites with lots of pages.

    Stephanie, your plug in is TOTALLY AWESOME! I have been using the wonderful widget context, but it seems to have stopped working in version 0.5 and WP2.8.5…

    One little thing… To show a widget just on a home page, I have to choose to hide an awful lot of pages. If you had a home tick box, one could choose show / and tick home – just one box.

    The interface on your plug in is superb. I’ve used all of these contextual widget plug ins and yours is the most superior in it’s elegance and ease of use.

    I’ll let you know when my new site is up for you to peruse.

    blitz999, what exactly stopped working with the upgrade to Widget Context 0.5?

    hi kasparsd – not sure if this is the problem that blitz999 was having, but, i just upgraded a test blog to 2.8.6, and it appears that for the widgets set to display only on certain pages, if the logic ends up telling it NOT to display, it won’t move past that code to check the next widget (if that made sense). so if i have three widgets, and the 2nd widget is set to display on single post only, it would show:

    main index: top widget only
    single post: all three

    also, i had to make a small edit to the admin css file, because the 64em is too wide for wordpress’s new display (why they didn’t make it wider, who knows).

    thanks so much for this lovely plugin!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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