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    I use a customized TinyMCE for my clients, using the technique outlined in the Codex here. One important aspect of this setup is the use of custom CSS to make some of my custom classes appear in the Visual Editor by loading an editor-style.css stylesheet.

    Everything works fine for an Administrator user role, but I generally give each of my clients a user role of Editor, and when I log in as Editor, my custom controls appear in the Visual Editor, but it does not load my editor-style.css at all. So, no Editor can actually see the result of applying any of these custom styles.

    I can’t find anything out there that even mentions user roles and custom visual editor styles, and I’d greatly appreciate any help in getting my Editor user roles to see my styles just as Administrators do in the Visual Editor.

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  • Okay, after exhaustive debugging I found that the problem was some sort of conflict with the plugin WP Better Emails. I tried my customized Visual Editor in a clean installation as Editor, and it worked fine, so then I started systematically turning off plugins until I found one that, when removed, resulted in my problem going away. Fortunately, this plugin was not very important to me.

    Hopefully this post will be helpful to anyone out there who runs into the same conflict.

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