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  • We have tested the plugin and see that it works for all WordPress default roles but it isn’t working for the custom role we created for website membership. We used the Members plugin to create and manage the new role and capabilities. After checking the capabilities for the custom role, I noticed that the following capabilities are not enabled for the custom role:

    1. email_multiple_users
    2. email_single_user
    3. email_user_groups
    4. email_users_notify

    The members do not need to use the plugin to email anyone else, just the administrator will use it to email this custom role. Do we need to enable one or all of these capabilities for our custom role?

    One more note, we have 240 members in this group. Is that too many? I saw another thread about the number of email addresses in each email but I was under the impression that one email would be send to each user in the role, not groups if users.

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  • Plugin Author Mike Walsh


    Sorry for the delayed response, I am behind on Email Users support threads. Work has been crazy busy lately.

    240 users is definitely not too many – I am using Email Users on a site where we regularly send email to close to 300 people.

    The number of email addresses in any single email CAN be an issue with some server configurations. When the Setting is 0 (zero), Email Users will put all of the recipients in the BCC mail header. When set to anything other than zero, Email Users will construct a series of emails, however many it takes to send emails to all intended recipients. I have heard of servers that limit the number of outgoing emails in a period of time to protect against spam but I have not encountered it myself. There was a thread asking about CRON support for this very reason which I looked into but it wouldn’t be very easy to implement.

    As for your other question, The capabilities listed are what Email Users checks for in order to provide access to the email functions. By default the capabilities are mapped into the default WordPress roles. A WordPress Admin or Editor will have capability to mail both users and groups.

    If you use custom roles then you will need to assign some of the Email Users capabilities to those roles in order for the users to use some of the Email Users functionality.

    The ability to send email and the ability to receive email are two different things in Email Users. Receive settings can be under user control and are stored as User Meta data as part of the user’s profile. The ability to send mail is based on the user’s role having the proper capability.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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