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  • Hi

    My website has URLs which are automatically generated. Once you click on a menu item, the content is put together by gathering info from an external database which stores pictures and text about real estate.

    My problem is, that the Url looks terrible, SEO wise, and I would like to convert it into something meaningful. But I cant see how I can do that in WP. In Joomla I used to be able to pick any menu item and then change the according URL of the page the menu item generated, once clicked. Im looking for something ike this in WP.

    On top of this, how do you add meta description to a custom page tlike this? The content on my page is neither a page or a post, so I cannot see how I can enter a meta description..

    So Im looking for how to define my own URLs on a given wordpress website.


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  • Well.. what type of URL’s do you have that you don’t like, what do they look like?

    WordPress has it’s permalink rewrite structures that are easily editable via a UI, the turn


    to stuff like


    I imagine from your post that your using some third party built thing, probably custom written? that no longer has support. What do the URLS look like? something like:


    ? If so: look into: “.htaccess pretty URL's“, you can pretty much rewrite anything/everything in the URL then just change the URLS in the navigation to the pretty ones and the server will interrupt them as the ugly permalink, so your content will generate as it should and your customers and google bots will see the pretty permalink.


    as for the meta description and stuff, YOAST SEO finds a way to generate meta title and descriptions anywhere WordPress touches, however, it sounds like these pages you’re needing help with have NO tie to wordpress other than the rest of your site is wordpress.. so you should contact a php/wordpress developer to find a way to make a relation system to push in meta data into these “generated” pages

    Hi davidsword,

    Thank you for your very good and elaborate e-mail!

    Regarding my URLs, the ugly ones look exactly like this:

    The system generates the content, by getting images and descriptions from an external system. And yes, they are generated by a custom build system. Exactly how, Im not sure.

    I did not quite get the thing about: “.htaccess pretty URL’s”. Meaning I should access htaccess and chnage that, in order to have the ugly URL transformed into SEO friendly ones?

    I was affraid taht Yoast couldnt handle this issue.. The only tie my WP has to this external system, is the menu item

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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