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  • I took over a site that displays the category in the URL three different ways.

    For some categories it shows “?category_name=blah”. (Not ideal, but I can live with it)

    For newly created categories it show the “?cat=####” structure. (I don’t want this)

    Yet for two categories displayed on the home page, it doesn’t even show the word “category”. It doesn’t even show the category slug…it shows a completely different word. Specifically, the category is “first-column”, but the URL shows “”. The page title shows “first-column”. The other category is “staff-blog” and the URL shows “staff-blog” as well.



    How can I get the new categories to stop show the “?cat=####” format?

    I read all the notes about permalinks, and the htaccess file seems to be allowing me to make updates. I can’t find any references to changing the category name in the php files. I’m over a week trying to figure this out on and off. The original guys won’t respond to my emails, so I’m getting really frustrated. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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  • Hi. What I would do is check for the presence of .htaccess files throughout the site, back them up, and rename/delete all of them.
    Then I would reset the Permalinks from the Admin Panel –> Settings –> Permalinks see if that makes a difference.

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