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    I have a custom page that has a search form for names and meanings. Everything is fine until I click on the pagination links (next 10 links). I know enough about PHP to be dangerous, and not enough to be useful. I am wondering if someone here would mind looking at the page to see why the behavior is as it is.

    To see this behavior go to:

    Type in “bo” and click the search button. (to get more than 10 results)
    Click on the “Next 10 >>” link, and that is where the page error happens. The URL string is then:
    and for some reason it errors out.

    Can someone here please point me in the right direction?

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    Just wondering if anyone has an idea what I’m talking about, or if so, what the problem might be?

    Obviously, you’ve changed it since you posted here last. There is no “Next 10 >>” link anymore when I search for “bo”, just a bunch of article summaries.

    If you’ve resolved the problem, can you mark this post as such? Thanks.


    Sorry, I should have specified…you need to search in the BOTTOM search field just above where it says “Please enter a full or partial first name to start”, not the one in the header bar. Make sure you click the BUTTON that says “Search”, not the one that says “GO”. Hope this clears things up…Thanks for looking, though

    Ok, I figured it out. Looks like my custom php code was calling a variable $s which was conflicting with a WordPress variable somewhere. I changed the variable $s in this code to $startat, and the problem went away.

    The fixed page is here:

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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