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  • Hello! I know how to create CPT and display the posts published on it, but I can’t create a CTP that has the same function as the “Page”. All publications that I create on CTP are “Single”. Is there a way to create a CTP similar to Page? In short: I want to create something like Page, but with a different title. Thank you.

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  • In what way exactly does your post type need to be similar to pages?

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    Thank you, Jacob. Come on:

    By default there are in WordPress CPT “Pages” and “Posts”.

    If I create a personalized CPT with the name “Products”, for example, all publications that I generate in that CPT will be as a “single”, not as a “page”.

    What I need is to create a CPT where everything I put in it is like a “page”.

    That’s because I created a template for this custom CPT where there is a loop with pagination, but pagination only works with “page”. In the single it appears the pagination, but when clicking on “page 2”, for example, it is only on the page itself, as it is a single.

    Is there any way to “trick” WordPress into thinking that this CPT publication “Products” is “page” and not “single”?

    Or yet:

    Is there any way to make pagination work within a single?

    I am researching and testing several codes, but so far I haven’t been able to. Thanks for listening!

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    If I put the publications (which have this template that I created) inside the standard WordPress CPT “Page”, it works perfectly. But I want to separate it from the other pages, so I would like to create a new CPT “Page” with another name.

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