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    I don’t have a an account with Shrink the Web since the plugin states that it isn’t necessary if I use the custom thumbnail option with screenshots I’ve uploaded to my site. Since all the screenshots were already on my site, that made more sense. However, even though the custom thumbnails are set up correctly, and will appear if I click on the View Image link under Custom Thumb, they don’t appear on the page where the portfolio is supposed to appear. Instead all I see is a duplicate of the link to the website.

    Also, for some of the sites I selected the Hide Link option under Advanced Settings. The links for these sites show up in my test page and in the Summary of Website in Your Portfolio it says yes under the Links Displayed? column where it should say no.

    How can I fix these issues?

    Here’s a link to the test page with the portfolio.

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  • Plugin Author puravida1976


    You are correct that you do not need a ShrinkTheWeb account to display custom thumbnails that you upload for each listing.

    When I view your test page, I see that it is trying to show an image but the image is missing. The image path for each listing is the wp-portfolio cache directory but the images are not present.

    Did you upload the images after you installed WP-Portfolio or before? What happens if you upload a new custom thumbnail for a listing? Have you tried “Clearing the Cache”?

    As far as the “Hide Link” issue, it looks like the “Hide Link” does work but on the summary page shows as “Yes” regardless of the setting. This appears to be a bug that has been around since before we took over as maintainer. I will add it to the list of “to-dos”.

    I changed one of our test listings to “Hide Link” and it did hide the link as expected. If yours is not hiding the link, there may be something preventing a database update. Does it show “Hide Link” or “Show Link” in the advanced settings after you save?

    Most of the images were uploaded before I added WP-Portfolio, but one was added after. The one for Sims 3 Stories was uploaded for the purpose of being added to the portfolio, but it shows the same broken link issue as the others.

    I just cleared the thumbnail cache and nothing changed on the page.

    None of the links in my Inactive Websites portfolio should appear, yet all of them do — both in place of the thumbnail and the title of the site. It isn’t just that the summary page is wrong, that would be inconvenient but it wouldn’t have any impact on potential clients the way following a broken link or one that leads to a site that has been taken over by someone else might.

    To answer your question about what I see in the advanced settings — it shows “Hide Link” for all of the ones that should be hidden.

    Plugin Author puravida1976



    Since we cannot reproduce the behavior, it may require access to your CMS (the plugin settings area) and your database (to check updated values).

    We are short-staffed this upcoming week, so I will update this ticket when we are able to take a closer look.

    For security, I will ask you to email me directly at that time.



    Plugin Author puravida1976



    Sorry for the delay. I’ve spent some time testing this further and everything I do with the plugin works as expected. I created entries with custom uploaded images, hidden, not hidden, with and without links. All worked fine.

    I went back to your test page and see text that is not converted into the WP-Portfolio output, so I suspect that you have removed the plugin and moved on.

    If that is not the case or if you would like to revisit this, please let me know and I’ll take a closer look at your site and settings to see what might be different and causing the issues.

    Plugin Author puravida1976


    Marking resolved due to lack of activity and inability to reproduce the issue.

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