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  • I need to make blogs for companies and I will not be involved after the initial customization/design of the blog. I have been researching my options and it looks like I can either make my own theme or use a framework and come up with a child/parent relationship to make changes to the parent framework.
    This is where I get confused, from my research it sounds like the benefit of using a framework is that when clients update wordpress by themselves they dont have to worry about it erasing all the design changes and customization.
    Does this mean if I made my own custom theme (I read WordPress Theme Design by Tessa Silver), that all the changes would be erased when they update WordPress.
    Also, do people that make their own custom themes just avoid updating?
    So, to sum this up
    1. should I just make my own themes or should i use a framework and use the child parent relationship
    2. does automatically updating wordpress in the admin panel mess up a custom designed theme
    3. Do people that heavily customize themes just avoid updating, and how bad is it to avoid updating?

    -Thanks so much, I appreciate the help

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  • Hi gatech. Updating WordPress should very rarely affect custom developed themes. The benefit of using a framework is that a lot of the core coding is already done and done right. You can then either create a child theme (in the case of thematic) or customize the framework’s custom theme section (in the case of thesis).

    I personally like to make my own themes but I am looking into some of the frameworks. It seems for me that building on top of frameworks means a lot of back and forth between settings and code editing.

    My suggestion would be to learn wordpress theming really well first and then decide on what you like to do. I like to write code, css, html etc… and I find a lot of the frameworks force you to mostly reposition and affect their built in elements.

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