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  1. fredriley
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    This is probably a naive question, maybe even a FAQ, so please be gentle with me. I'm after converting a site I run to a WordPress site. The prime reason to do so is to allow my colleagues to edit content directly, though there are subsidiary reasons (ease of maintenance, widgets, mobile-friendly, etc). Our org president is also a big fan of WP, so I'm under orders to use it eventually. I want to closely control the site appearance, which of course means either developing a custom theme or, more likely, using a theme framework such as Thematic to develop a child theme. The current home page has been lovingly hand-coded for HTML5/CSS3 compliance and I want to keep that as it is.

    My main problem is that there's too much documentation on frameworks, themes, child themes, templates, hooks, filters, functions and the rest scattered around the Codex and on other sites. I have a 2-page document with all the links I've collated. I've spent tens of hours bouncing from one link to the other and doing tutorials and reading articles, such that I've become lost in hypertext, often ending up many links away from the article I started off with. What would be <i>really, really</i> handy would be if I could get hold of all-in-one documentation for developers who want to use WP as a CMS and theme it themselves, whether that's through custom theming or using frameworks. Does such documentation exist, does anyone know? Even something as old-fashioned as a book would be great, seeing as I'm an old-fashioned coder.

    I know that I could create a theme by coding from the bottom up, but I run this site in my spare time, of which there's not very much. My hope is that WP can be a (relatively) rapid development tool. If I have to code every line of HTML and CSS and PHP from scratch, then I might as well ignore our pres's orders and create a CMS myself.

    I did search the fora for "custom theme documentation" but got, not unsurprisingly, 28k+ hits, and I just knew that if I followed them I'd get lost in hypertext again.

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