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    Hey Jeff / TML-Users,

    after a long time I updated TML and had to find out that all my changes / modifications with regards to custom templates have been disabled – supposedly with the introduction of the new TML-pages (tml_page).

    This came as a big surprise to me and since I made some serious modifications, I simply cannot rebuild the whole thing… The template-files are residing in my template-folder (/themes/my-theme/profile-form.php & others accordingly).

    I guess these are some options – please advise which is the best / most efficient way to handle it:

    • Downgrade to the latest 6.2.x
    • (Manually) Overwrite the tml_pages
    • Enter a filter/hook/action in functions.php which redirects the tml_pages to the customized PHP-files

    That’s all I can come up with right now. I do not understand what exactly changed with the new Template-System but I can sure say that it isn’t downwards compatible 🙂

    Thanks for your efforts!


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  • Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    6.3.6 will be released within the next hour or so, and it is reverting TML pages to WP pages.

    You meant 6.3.7 – yeah, I just tried that one out but it didn’t do the job…

    Something has fundamentally changed since 6.2.3 and it hasn’t all been good (IMHO, for me & the tweaks I made).

    All I essentially did was to introduce customized PHP-templates for the different use-cases, meaning “login-form.php”, “profile-form.php” etc. & a destinctive “theme-my-login.css” – all placed within my theme folder on top level.

    Is there any option / possibility to carry over these functionalities? I did not tamper with the plugins core files (which was confirmed by the downgrade, no modifications needed…) and followed the instructions on how to extend this clever plugin.

    I do see some benefits of the new version & value the efforts you put into this very much but I’d love to see an compatability-option for users like me.

    Thanks Jeff & keep it up.

    Just to make things clear:

    I downgraded to 6.2.3 and everything is working again as intended. The request is resolved (in some sense at least).

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    There’s no reason that the form templates should not still work…


    I’ve updated to the latest version of TML (currently 6.3.8) and since then my custom templates have also stopped working. The code I have to call the theme_my_login function is the following:

    theme_my_login( array('instance' => '-account', 'default_action'=>'profile', 'profile_template' => 'account-form.php', 'show_title'=>false ) );

    Nothing else has changes within my theme and it seems like that the “profile_template” parameter that is calling my custom “account-form.php” is no longer working.

    The custom “account-form.php” file is still within my theme root and downgrading the plugin picks it back up again. However, with the upgrade this function code is reverting to the default “profile-form.php” file.

    I have two areas on my website, one which relies on the default “profile-form.php” file and one which relies on my custom “account-form.php” file and for the life of me I can’t figure out what is happening.

    Was it intentional to change this feature in the upgrade or do you know what the issue may be?

    Many thanks,

    Same thing has happened to me.

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