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  • I found a strange anomaly with using a different template on a page. I have very basic drop-down menus (no javascript used), and they work just fine. However, if I use a custom template page by selecting a template from the selection box on the right side of the page’s options, the drop-down menus do not work in IE7 and IE8.

    There is NOTHING different in the basic html/css structure of the new template page from my page.php file. I have even stripped the template down to nothing but the menu, and it will not work in IE 7 and 8.

    I’m using the same menu template and css for both the page.php file and the new template page, but nothing I have done will solve the problem.

    Has anyone had the same problem? Have you found a solution?

    I’m not really interested in workarounds that do not involve a new template page. I want to find a clear solution or explanation to the problem and not a workaround.

    You can see the site at The home page uses the new template page while all others (except the blog, of course) use the default page.php.


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  • Just as a test, have you tried attaching that home page custom template to a different page that is on a different menu item? Its possible some CSS is being applied to the homepage that is not applied to other pages. Thus the issue might not be with your custom page template at all.

    I have done multiple custom templates with no other css than just the menu css. I have done it on interior pages, home page, etc. I’ve tried it in all different ways with no other css or javascript in the pages. I have even done it so the template has nothing BUT the menu HTML and CSS and it all comes out the same: the drop-down menus do not work in IE7-8 when attributed to a custom template.

    Now I see what your problem most likely is. You have a Flash header where the dropdowns are supposed to go. You have a z-index layering problem – IE is displaying the dropdowns behind the Flash.

    Google for something like z-index IE dropdown. These can be a bit tricky to get working correctly but it can be done. You have to learn how CSS positions layers. You have to assign position:relative to a Div that is parent to both the Nav and the Flash Div’s and then assign z-index order to the Nav and Flash, telling CSS to display the dropdowns on top of the Flash, not behind it.

    Actually, that is not the problem, but I can see how you could come up with that thought.

    The drop downs function just fine with the default template in all browsers, including IE7 and 8. And almost all other pages have the same Flash structure to them. The only difference between the other pages and my home page is that the home page is using a secondary template page.

    I had previously tested this by removing EVERYTHING…let me repeat that: EVERYTHING…except for the menu div, ul/li menu structure, and css with the same results: the drop downs do not function in IE7 and 8 on a non-default template.

    So, therefore, there is not another element on screen, javascript, or css issue that is causing this to happen.

    Please let me know if you ever got any more help or feedback on this. We have the same problem with IE. 🙁

    WP 2.8.6 and Atahualpa 3.4.4


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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