• Resolved dasigna


    considering this some big issue!!

    when doing a serch within site (e.g. after 404 error) there are custom elementor template items that appear within the search results – that should definitely not be the case!

    if there is some text (mainly for explanation use of clients) in it that exeeds the definded exerpt lenght there is evan a ‘read more’ link. clicking on this link leads to main (home) page, so the damage is not that big – but theses elementor-templates shouldnt show anywhere: in no way!
    (even quite stupid if visitors can read text that is meant as help for the editors…)

    would be very nice if this could be fixed very, very, very soon

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  • Hi @dasigna,
    Thank you very much for this feedback.
    We will fix it in the next version.

    @dasigna – Thanks for bringing this to Elementor’s attention! 🙂 I would have never even thought about that. Just tried it and yikes, there it is, some of my draft content that I sometimes save as a template in case I want to use is again after I edit it 🙂 I’ll keep search disabled until and update.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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